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Friendship Day

“Prayer makes everything possible”…..yeah but the period in which we wait for the fruits given by ALMIGHTY is becomes impossible without FRIENDS.  FRIENDSHIP can’t be defined in words but its feeling can be expressed on the very special day, that is dedicated to friends “FRIENDSHIP DAY”.

First all wishing you all my dear ones “HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

 Think for a while, from birth we determine our self to give world’s happiness to our parents our family….in youth we try to impress our girlfriend or boyfriend with lots of gifts…..after marriage we focus on our children, wife/husband, family……but accept birthday gifts did we ever gave anything to our friends? That too we frequently forget our friend’s birthday….BUT THE THING IS WE DONT LOOK UPON OUR FRIENDS IN ALL THIS MESH…..

This is the day on which we can make our buddies feel what their importance in our life is. You always know what your friend’s likes/dislikes, so for a day focus on likes…spare out at least one day for them just for them….

Now the story is somewhat like, In 1935, cruel American Government killed a man on 1st Saturday of the august month .Listening to it his best friend committed suicide on the next day i.e., on Sunday. So in his memory, 1st Sunday of AUGUST month was officially declared as FRIENDSHIP DAY.

Just think people gave their life for their friends so at least you can give them something special. There are many ways by which one can celebrate friendship day. Now a day’s people ties a belt on the hand of their friends, even writes some messages or dedicate few lines about their friends and write on the hand. They go outside whole day and enjoy a lot. There are many ways through which you can get surprised your best buddies. It depends upon the feeling of the person and what kind of relation is their between two persons. Everybody celebrates in their own way. Some of the ways through which you can surprise your buddies are as follows,

  • At least you can send e-cards to all of your friends.
  • Tie friendship bands of different colors, which is the traditional way. You can bring innovativeness in it by giving bracelets to your friends…in this way your friends will be able to wear at in daily routine.
  • You can go to the favourite place of your friend and even call his other loved ones and surprised him/her then dedicate few words about your friend in front of everyone and give some special gift.

So these are some of the ways which i think a person can give surprise to their friends. Hence this is my style to impress my friends on this occasion , now i would glad to know about some of your style that how you would be impressing your friends on such a special occasion and make your friendship relation more stronger.



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